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50 Famous Odisha Food That You Must Try In 2024

Odisha Famous Recipes

Odisha is a state in eastern India that is known for its rich culture, heritage, and cuisine. Odisha food is a diverse and delicious mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that are made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Temples were the most important places for social and cultural activities in ancient Odisha. The social customs, festivals were all centered around temples. Many of the recipes of Odia cuisine originated from the temples. Odisha the land of Jagannath is famous for its spiritual significance and amazing attraction. The food of Odisha is simple and prepared as an offering to God. A range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are prepared that are wholesome, flavorful and easy on the palate.

Odisha food recipes are delicious because they are made with a variety of spices and herbs that give them a unique flavor profile. Odia foods are also typically less oily and spicy than other Indian cuisines, which makes them more enjoyable to eat. Many foods of Odisha are made with simple ingredients and cooking techniques, which makes them perfect for home cooks of all skill levels.

Whether you are looking for a quick and easy meal or a special occasion dish, Odisha food has something to offer everyone. Whether you love sweet, sour, or spicy, our article is overloaded with the 50 famous Odisha food recipes that definitely give you clear information about the food of Odisha like Dalma, Pakhala, Chennapoda, Rasagola and so on. Come on in and find your favorite Odisha food.

Odisha cuisine is a hidden gem, and it is time for the world to discover it! Hope you enjoy the article about 50 famous Odisha food recipes. The flavors of Odisha are waiting to enchant you. Happy reading and happy cooking!

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1. Pakhala


Pakhala Odisha famous food

Pakhala is a popular Odisha food prepared with cooked rice and water. Mainly there are two versions of Pakhala. One is Saja Pakhala and the other is Basi Pakhala. If prepared with fresh cooked rice then it is Saja Pakhala and if fermented overnight, it’s called Basi Pakhala. Many versions of pakhala are also found in different regions of Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar.

Pakhala is a must have during Summer in every Odia household. It is consumed during hot days to cool down body temperature and also beneficial to the stomach. It also decreases the chance of sun stroke during extreme hot days. People can have pakhala with green vegetables or with non-veg items. Sometimes pakhala is served with curd and a tempering of mustard, cumin, green chilies and curry leaves. 

Due to its popularity March 20 is celebrated as World Pakhala Divas. It is also available in many restaurants and five star hotels during hot summer.

2. Chakuli Pitha

It is one of the famous pitha recipes of Odia cuisine. Chakuli is a soft pancake prepared with rice and urad dal. It is a softer version of dosa using no other lintels except urad dal. This is a very healthy and nutritious food that anyone can have on a daily basis. 

Chakuli pitha is served with different gravies and chutneys.

3. Manda Pitha

Manda Pitha Odisha food

Manda Pitha is the famous and healthiest Odia delicacy without using no oil. It is a steamed version of Odia pitha. The outer layer is made of Rice flour or semolina. Usually coconut and jaggery stuffing is used but sometime Chenna or Moong stuffing is also used.

It is a must during Manabasa Gurubar, the puja of Goddess Lakshmi celebrated in the whole Odisha.

4. Dalma

Dalma Famous Odisha food

Dalma is a famous Odia food served to lord Jagannath as a prasad. In mandirs prepared in earthen pots using different vegetables and lintels. Mainly Toor dal or Moong dal is used to prepare Dalma. 

The aromatic spices and the tempering gives it a unique taste that no dal can beat. 

The use of lintel and vegetables make this recipe super healthy. Many versions of Dalma exist using different lintels and veggies. Dalma goes well with steamed rice or roti. You can prepare the nutritious and tasty Dalma on a regular basis and have it as it is.

5. Kakra Pitha

Kakara Pitha Odisha Famous food

Kakara pitha is another popular Odisha food that is prepared in most festivals or pujas in Odisha. Kakara pitha is a fried round shaped pitha made with semolina and coconut stuffing. If prepared properly, it can be preserved for more than a week. There are two varieties of Kakara, one is suji kakara and the other is wheat kakara. Kakara also can prepare without stuffing.

During Durga puja kakara is prepared in every Odia household. It’s a tradition to prepare kakara pitha in pujas and festivals and offer them to the Dities as prasada.

6. Potala Rasa

Odia Potala Rasa Recipe

Potala rasa is a delightful curry prepared with fresh pointed gourd, potatoes, and handy kitchen staples. It is simple, easy yet delicious. Potala rasa is a vegan and gluten-free dish that every vegetarian loves to eat.

This Potala curry is prepared in most Odia houses in summer as it is widely available during this time.

Potala rasa is a gravy-based curry that goes well with rice, rotis, parathas, or puris making the dish a popular Odia food.

7. PodaPitha

Special Podapitha Recipe by Odisha Food

Podapitha is a famous pitha from the Odisha cuisine made with rice, urad, jaggery and coconut. There are many versions of poda pitha available like suji poda pitha, chenna poda pitha, mango poda pitha and many more. This is a delicious food offered to lord jagannath on a daily basis. It is prepared during festivals and among all Raja festivals is most important. During Raja a variety of Poda Pitha are prepared and enjoyed.

8. Ghanta Tarkari

Odisha Mix veg curry

Ghanta Tarkari is a mixed vegetable curry prepared with different vegetables like raw banana, brinjal, potato, radish, carrot, bean, cluster bean, taro root (Saru) and Yam (Desi aloo). A huge variety of vegetables are used to prepare this. It is prepared with very few spices and oil. It is simple yet delicious and healthy too. Ghanta tarkari or mixed veg curry is a staple food of odisha. If you are a health freak you can have it on a regular basis as it uses very less oil and is nutritious due to the use of green vegetables.

9. Chenna Poda

Odisha Chenna Poda Recipe

Chhena Poda an authentic famous and super delicious cheesecake of Odisha. It is prepared with chenna and sugar for several hours. The caramelized sugar gives it a distinct color and texture. You must try this Chena Poda whenever you visit odisha, it just blows your mind. It is so flavorful and delectable. The burnt chenna and caramelized sugar brings out a different taste to the chenna poda.

10. Chenna Gaja

Chenna Gaja, a famous Odia sweet prepared from Chenna (Homemade Cottage Cheese) and sugar syrup. Chenna gaja dough is basically the rasagola dough, but still the taste is different from the rasgulla. Chhena gaja is an oval shaped sweet slightly darker in color than Rasagulla. Whereas Rasagollas are round, spongy, and have a uniform texture throughout. While both Chenna Gaja and Rasagolla are made from chenna and sugar, they differ in terms of shape, texture, cooking method, and flavor.

11. Arisa Pitha

Odia Arisa Pitha

Arisa pitha is a popular food of Odisha made with rice flour, jaggery and other condiments. Mostly prepared during lakshmi puja in manabasa gurubar. This is a deep fried pitha and can be stored for many days. Whether you’re celebrating a festival or simply craving a sweet, crispy treat, Arisa Pitha is sure to delight you.

12. Poli Pitha

This is a soft pancake of Odisha cuisine made with urad, rice, jaggery. Coconut and cardamom are also used to enhance the flavor. The batter is cooked on a tawa on the stove top until the color changes to brown on both sides. It is prepared during many festivals and occasions in Odisha.

13. Chitau Pitha

Odisha Chitau pitha

Chitau pitha is a soft and fluffy pancake made from rice and coconut. Both are ground together and cooked on a tawa top. The pitha is so simple, easy and healthy also. The fermented batter made the pitha fluffy. The pitha is cooked one side only till the bottom layer is golden brown. Very less oil is required to prepare the pitha which makes it a healthy food to consume. Chitau pitha is generally prepared in Chitalagi Amavasya to worship mother nature.

14. Enduri Pitha

There are huge varieties of pithas prepared in Odia houses and Enduri pitha is one of the popular among them. Enduri pitha is a steamed rice cake prepared with rice, urad. Coconut and chena are used in stuffing. An important thing during making of this pitha is turmeric leaves. The pitha is steamed in the turmeric leaves. Mostly it is prepared on the occasion of Prathamastami.

15. Gaintha Pitha

Gaintha Pitha is a unique Odia delicacy prepared with rice balls and flavored thickened milk. The rice balls are made with rice flour and cooked in water and dropped in thickened milk. The thicken milk is flavored with cardamom and dry fruits. The cooked rice balls absorb all the flavor after pouring it into the milk. Gaintha Pitha is a special dessert made on a special day called Baula Amavasya or Bakula Amavasya. People offer mango tree flowers and this dessert to Lord Jagannath to wish for a good harvest. It’s a delicious treat that’s like soft milk rice balls. In other parts of India, it’s known as Kheer Puli or Doodh Puli.

16. Chaula Khiri

Khiri Recipe in Odia

In Odisha Chaula khiri is commnly known as Rice Kheer. Chaula khiri is a rice pudding prepared with basmati rice, milk and flavored with cardamom and nuts. It is specially prepared during festivals and occasions.  It is a must have in every ceremony menu making it a very popular Odisha Food. Without this any festival seem incomplete and it is the absolute favorite of everyone.

17. Santula

Santula made with high protein greens  and with less spices, a healthy diet for everyone. A huge variety of vegetables are used, mainly papaya, brinjal, potatoes, drumstick and the list goes on. A little oil is used for tempering. If you are health conscious you can eat on a regular basis.

There are 2 varieties of santula. One is milk santula and the other is water santula (pani santula). In water santula after the vegetables are cooked only tempering is added. In milk santula milk is added after vegetables are semi cooked and lastly tempering is added.

18. Ambila

Ambila is a sweet and tangy recipe prepared during manabasa gurubar lakshmi puja. Pumpkin, okra, sweet potato, radish, etc are used. The tanginess is due to the use of tamarind juice and to make it sweet jaggery is used. So it is a combination of both sweet and tangy flavor.

19. Tomato Khatta

A beautiful relish prepared from tomatoes that is easy to prepare and can be slurped in seconds. A different variety of tomato khata is prepared in odia cuisine. Some use dates(Khajuri) or grapes in tomato khatta. It is very delicious without the use of onion and garlic, so it is a must in temple foods and many other occasions. The tomato khatta can be enjoyed with rice, roti or puri.

20. Dahibara Aloo Dum

Dahivada Aloodum Odisha Street food

Dahibara Aloo Dum is a famous street food of Odisha.  It is a fine amalgamation of two dishes, one is Dahi Vada and another is Aloodum. The sourness of dahi with spicy aloo dum gives a balanced taste that every Odia is looking for. In different regions of Odisha you get different flavors of dahi vada aloo dum with a variety of toppings. It is so addictive that if you try it once, you will like to eat it on a daily basis. You will get Dahi vada aloo dum from five-star hotels to roadside small carts. Amongst all Cuttack is famous for its unique Dahi bara aloo dum and it won many awards for its unique flavor and taste.

21. Gupchup

Gupchup Recipe in Odia

Gupchup is another famous street food of Odisha. In West Bengal region it is popularly known as “Puchka”,  “Pani Puri” in Western India and “Golgappa” in the Northern part of India. Gupchup comprises small balls made from maida, atta and suji filled with channa masala and dipped in sour jal jeera water which gives a unique flavor and takes your taste bud to another level. It is light, cheap, and way more tastier than anything. So loved by any age group all the time. Gupchup is not just a snack; it’s an experience. Each bite is a blend of spiciness, tanginess, crispiness, and a burst of flavors that leaves you craving for more. Once you have it you will always look for this mouthwatering snack.

22. Chaat

Chaat is another delicious and addictive street food of Odisha. You can get different versions of chaat from street food carts to restaurants in odisha. The chaat is a mixture of sweet, sour , spicy and tangy flavor. It is generally a gravy version of white peas, served with a sweet vada, sev,green chutney, tamarind chutney, sweet sauce and garnished with coriander leaves and chopped onion. Chaat is a versatile treat that can be customized to suit your palate. Whether you’re craving a sweet and tangy treat or a spicy sensation, Odisha chaat is sure to satisfy your cravings and transport you to the heart of Odisha’s street food culture.

23. Jhalmudhi

Jhalmudhi is another popular street food in Odisha and Kolkata. It is very light, easy to prepare and tasty too. Jhalmudhi/muri is prepared with puffed rice (mudhi), chopped tomatoes, cucumber, onion, green chilies, grated coconuts,  sprouted bengal gram, boiled yellow peas etc. All these are seasoned with little mustard oil, black salt, generous amounts of lemon juice and a special Jhalmudhi masala. Jhalmuri is a tantalizing snack that combines the crunch of puffed rice with the fiery kick of spices. Whether you’re craving a spicy treat for your evening snack or planning to impress guests with a unique appetizer, Jhalmuri is the perfect choice.

24. Mudhi Mansa

Mudhi Mansa Odia Cuisine

Mudhi Mansa is a famous Odisha food from Baripada, a town in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district. To make this dish, they mix puffed rice with Chicken or Mutton curry. The puffed rice used in Mudhi Mansa is natural, with no extra stuff added, and they prepare this in a clean and authentic way. You can only find Mudhi Mansa in Baripada; it is rarely available anywhere else in Odisha. People love it, and you can enjoy it as a street food in local markets and restaurants there. Mudi mansa is served with mudhi(Puffed rice), gravy of chicken or mutton, chilies, lemon slices, onion and chopped coriander leaves.

25. Macha Chencheda

Macha Chencheda is another popular non-vegetarian dish from Odia cuisine. This recipe is made from fish head, vegetables and Bengal gram (Chana dal), which make this dish nutritious as well as healthy too. Veggies like pumpkin, cabbage, potato, and brinjal are also used for this recipe depending on requirement. This dish is a must-have for fish lovers. In Odia macha means the fish and chencheda is the crushed part. For this recipe the fish is crushed after frying, hence the name is Macha Chencheda.

26. Macha Besara

Macha Besara Odisha Food

Fish in mustard gravy is popularly known as Macha Besara in Odia. This is another famous non-vegetarian Odisha food recipe. This fish curry is a variation of Bengali fish curry with a Unique twist. Traditionally sun-dried mango known as “ambula” in Odia is used in this recipe. Due to the use of ambula (Dried mango) the pungent taste of mustard sauce is balanced and it also adds a little tanginess to the recipe which gives it a distinct taste.

27. Khasi Mansa Tarkari

Odia Mutton Curry Recipe

Odisha mutton curry popularly known as Khasi Mansa Tarkari. It is prepared with best goat meat and simple spices. This mutton curry has a unique flavor with less use of oil. Some selective spices are used for this recipe. Odia mutton curry can be prepared with or without potatoes. Mustard oil and simple spices make it flavorful and aromatic.

The dish called “Khasi” gets its name from a special kind of goat meat. This meat comes from a type of goat called the black Bengal goat, which you can find in places like Odisha, West Bengal, Assam, and Bihar in India. This meat comes from male goats that have been castrated, and it has a richer taste compared to other types of mutton. We have covered about this awesome dish in our Odisha Famous Mutton Curry article. So don’t forget to try this if you are a meat lover.

28. Chingudi Tarkari

Chingudi Tarkari Odisha Cuisine

Prawn is called as Chingudi in Odisha. This is a gravy recipe with a distinctive taste that makes the dish unique from other parts of India. Each region makes different prawn curry using locally available ingredients. This Chingudi Tarkari is a must for all seafood lovers. Fresh prawns are used for this recipe. It’s a popular seafood dish in the coastal regions of Odisha known for its rich and savory taste.

29. Kankada Jhola

Crab Curry in Odia

Kankada jhola is another popular non-veg gravy recipe of Odisha food. In Odia, Kankada is “Crab” and the term “Jhola” refers to a curry or gravy-based dish. Different varieties of crabs are available in coastal Odisha. Crab curry is prepared with juicy and fresh crabs, cooked slowly in aromatic spices and other ingredients to give that richness and flavor to the curry. It’s a flavorful and spicy curry. This is  a beloved delicacy in Odisha, known for its bold flavors and the unique taste of crab.

30. Badi Chura

Badi Chura is an authentic Odia recipe. Badi is sun dried lentil dumplings and chura is the coarse mixture of badi, onion, garlic, chilies etc. There is a variety of badi prepared in Odisha. But the badi chura is prepared from urad dal dumplings. The badi is prepared generally in winter and stored for the whole year. The Badi chura is well paired with pakhala.

Badi Chura is loved for its simplicity, crunchiness, and the burst of flavors it adds to a traditional Odia meal. It’s a great example of how regional Odisha cuisine offers a wide variety of unique and delicious dishes.

31. Saaga Muga

Saaga Muga Odisha Food

Saaga muga is a healthy and nutritious Odia food recipe. It is a combination of green leafy vegetables and moong dal. Different varieties of leafy greens like Moringa leaves, Amaranthus Saag (Kosada), Malabar spinach, Pumpkin leaves, Spinach etc. are used for this recipe. It can be prepared without onion and garlic. It is a huge source of protein and super healthy with the use of less oil.

32. Pariba Rai

Pariba Rai Odia Cuisine

Pariba rai means vegetable curry with mustard sauce in Odia. The rai is prepared using mustard, cumin, dried chilies and some clove of garlic. This is a diversified food of Odisha, in which you can add any vegetables of your choice along with badi (Sun-dried dumpling). You can prepare this vegetable rai with or without onion and garlic. Mustard seeds have been a prevalent part of Odia cuisine from ancient times. The pungent flavor of mustard works well with vegetables. To balance the taste tomatoes are added. Sometimes dried mango is added to lower the pungent taste of mustard and add a tanginess to the recipe.

33. Kanji

Odisha Kanji Recipe

Kanji is an age-old food of Odisha, specially in southern Odisha. It can be eaten as soup or porridge. Vegetables are cooked in starchy water (Water drained from cooked rice). Dried mango is added to give a tanginess to the recipe. You can find a variety of kanji in odisha. Torani kanji (Fermented rice kanji), dahi kanji, saag kanji are the varieties of kanji recipes. But among all the vegetable kanji is widely spread. Pumpkin, papaya, radish, okra, tomatoes etc are used in kanji. Kanji is a healthy recipe and tasty too without the use of oil. Only oil is used for the tempering at the end.

34. Rasabali

Rasabali is a sweet dish originated in Baladevjew temple located in Kendrapada district of Odisha. It is also amongst the Chappan Bhog recipe of Lord Jagannath, Puri. Rasabali is made with chenna, milk and sugar. Deep fried chhena patties are soaked in thickened and sweetened milk. The chhena patties are flattened to help them soak up the milk easily. The milk is flavored with crushed cardamoms for a delicious taste. Rasabali is a cherished sweet treat in Odisha, known for its unique texture and sweetness. The combination of creamy paneer, and sweet thickened milk makes Rasabali a must-try dessert for anyone looking to explore the rich and diverse flavors of Odisha cuisine.

35. Khasta Khaja

Odia Pheni Recipe

It is one of the 56 Bhog Mahaprasad recipes offered to lord Jagannath. The khaja is prepared with all purpose flour and after frying deeped in sugar syrup. You can easily find khaja inside or outside of puri temple. The khaja is prepared in such a way that it can be stored for a month or more. All pilgrims to puri purchase the khaja mahaprasad, which travel for weeks and stay for long days. Its crunchy, flaky layers combined with the sweetness of the syrup make it an irresistible treat for celebrations and special occasions.

36. Ghuguni

Ghuguni Odisha Food

Ghuguni is an all-time favorite of Odia peoples. Ghuguni is basically a dried yellow peas curry. Ghugni is usually served as a side dish with snacks or breakfast. The combination of dahi bara, aloo dum and ghuguni is awesome that you can get everywhere in Odisha as a famous street food. There are different variations of ghugni for which chickpeas, brown gram or yellow peas are used. Odia ghugni is a traditional dish that is enjoyed by locals and tourists. Guguni can be served with puri, dosa, chat and many more.

37. Kakharu Phula Bhaja

Kakharu Phula Bhaja

Kakharu Phula Bhaja Recipe, also known as Pumpkin Flower Fritters is a traditional Odisha food. In the Odia language, “Kakharu” is pumpkin, and “Phula” means flower. For this recipe, only male flowers from the pumpkin plant are utilized, as the female flowers are meant to develop into edible pumpkins. The batter is made from soaked rice, which adds a crispy texture to the Kakharu Phula Bhaja, enhancing its overall appeal. The delicate yellow flowers are lightly fried in a small amount of oil. Kakharu Phula bhaja is easy to prepare and generally served with rice.

38. Panasa Tarkari

Panasa means jackfruit or Kathal in Hindi and plays a prominent role in Odia curry especially in Summer months. Raw jackfruit  curry is a beloved meat alternative due to its fibrous form. It not only resembles meat in appearance but also provides a similar feel, making it a delightful choice for everyone. Panasa tarkari or panasa katha tarkari holds a special place among premium curries and is often paired with your choice of soft rotis, parathas or even with rice. This dish became a recent favorite among those transitioning to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Besides panasa tarkari , raw jackfruit is also used for chips, dried bhaji and even in jackfruit biryani. When preparing this curry, ensure that you select raw jackfruit, as using ripe ones would impart excessive sweetness to the dish.

39. Kanika

Kanika is a traditional Odisha Food that combines the flavors of rice, ghee, spices and dry fruits. This is a sweet pulao recipe prepared during festivals. Kanika holds a significant place in the chhappan bhog in Puri Jagannath Temple. The dish combines the essence of spices and sweetness, resulting in a perfect balance of flavors. The aromatic spices used in this recipe lend it a distinct taste. What sets Kanika apart is the heavenly fragrance of desi ghee.

40. Chattu Besara

Odia Chatu Besara is a delightful curry recipe known for its rich and vibrant flavors. This dish showcases the combination of mushrooms (Chatu) cooked in a spicy mustard-based gravy. It is incredibly simple to prepare, using minimal ingredients and less time. The star of the show in this recipe is the besara, a unique blend of ground mustard seeds, turmeric, cumin, and other aromatic spices. The besara (Mustard paste)  gives the curry its distinctive taste and a mouthwatering aroma that fills the kitchen as it simmers on the stove. The mustard paste has a strong, pungent, and somewhat bitter taste. So to balance it dried mango is used.

41. Kadali Manja Tarkari

Banana Stem Curry in Odia

Kadali Manja Tarkari, also known as banana stem curry, is a treasured Odisha food recipe that brings together the goodness of banana stem and a fragrant blend of spices. Kadali Manja Tarkari showcases the resourcefulness of Odia cuisine, utilizing every part of the banana plant for nourishment. After taking the yield, the trees are cut down, then the tender core part is taken out and cooked. Both ripe and raw variety banana tree stems can be used for this recipe.

42. Amba Khatta

Amba Khatta Odisha Food

Amba Khatta holds a cherished place in Odia households, where it is lovingly prepared to celebrate the onset of the mango season. In Odia Amba means Mango, and Khatta means Sour chutney. This raw mango chutney is a burst of flavors, combining the sweetness of jaggery, the tanginess of raw mangoes, and the warmth of spices. In the summer various types of mangoes are around. Making amba khatta is easy with a few spices and jaggery that makes it tasty and colorful. Among recipes with raw mangoes, amba khatta is special in Odia homes.

43. Dahi Baigana

Dahi Baigana Odia Food

Dahi Baigana, also known as Dahi Baingan, has its roots deeply embedded in Odisha cuisine. This dish combines the creaminess of curd with the earthy goodness of brinjal. This recipe celebrates the rich agricultural heritage of the region, where there are plenty of brinjals growing. Traditionally, it was crafted as a simple yet satisfying dish to make the most of locally available ingredients. Over time, it gained popularity for its unique combination of curd and brinjal. This dish pairs wonderfully with steamed rice or Indian breads like chapati or paratha.

44. Rasgulla

Odia Rasagulla Recipe

The Odia version of Rasgulla is known for its exceptionally soft and spongy texture. It’s renowned for being incredibly light and airy, almost dissolving in the mouth. Whereas Bengali Rasgulla, on the other hand, tends to be slightly denser and more compact. Odia Rasgulla has a delicate and subtle sweetness that allows the flavor of the chenna to shine through.

There was a story that once goddess Laxmi was upset with Jagannath for not taking her to the rath-yatra. So, she decides not to let him into the Jagannath temple. When Jagannath returns and finds the doors closed, he pleads with Laxmi to let him in. But she refuses. Jagannath then quickly returns with a pot of fluffy rasgullas, and this convinces Laxmi to open the temple doors. This process of pleasing Laxmi has been continuing every year after Rath Yatra from ancient times.

45. Kora Khai

Kora Khai Once widely savored, now hardly found in some shops of old Bhubaneswar. Kora Khai is not only a sweet but also carries significance in temples as an offering to lord. It’s believed to be Lord Lingaraj’s personal favorite.

Kora Khai is like crafting magic from a handful of ingredients. In Odia khai means “puffed paddy”. Khai, coconut, jaggery (or sugar), and cardamom are used to make Kora Khai. It’s a little firmer and requires a gentle chew, setting it apart from the usual sweets.

46. Chenna Jhilli

Chhena Jhilli, a special sweet from the food of Odisha, originates from Nimapada in Puri district. It all started with Aarta Bandhu Sahoo from Shyam Sundarpur Village. This town is dotted with shops selling these treats. Guess the main ingredient? Chhena, or Indian Cottage Cheese, gives it its name and taste. The Chhena Jhilli is incredibly soft, practically melting in your mouth. It’s a simple recipe with just a few ingredients.

Fresh Chenna (Cottage Cheese) is the star of Chhena Jhilli. It’s fried in ghee and soaked in a light sugar syrup. When you take a bite, you’ll savor the sweetness of chenna and the cardamom-infused syrup in a burst of flavors.

47. Manja Rai

Manja Rai is a traditional Odia cuisine that features banana stem (also known as plantain stem) and a mustard-based paste as its primary ingredients. This dish is not only flavorful but also nutritious, as both banana stem and mustard are known for their health benefits. The strong flavor of the mustard paste complements the mild taste of the banana stem to create a balance of flavors. In Odisha many people planted different trees in their garden or backyard like mango, jackfruit, drumstick, banana and so on. Among all, the banana tree is very useful as most of its parts are used for various things. The leaves are used to serve food in pujas.  After taking the yield (banana) of the banana tree, the tree is cut down. Then the tender core of the tree is taken out which is the stem part. Manja rai is a typical Odisha food which is not only tasty but has different health benefits.

48. Khasta Gaja

Khasta Gaja Odisha Food

Khasta Gaja is a traditional sweet delicacy from the  food of Odisha. This mouthwatering dessert is known for its unique combination of crispy and flaky outer layers, fragrant fennel seeds, and the sweetness of sugar syrup.  Khasta Gaja is a crispy Odia sweet which is also offered to Lord Jagannath. Khasta Gaja is not just a dessert; it’s a symbol of tradition, culture, and the warmth of hospitality in the beautiful state of Odisha.

Often people confuse between Khasta khaja and khasta gaja. Khasta khaja has a unique combination of flaky layers that are crispy on the outside. These are golden yellow colored sweets whereas khasta gaja are dark brown sweets in rectangular or square shape.

49. Dantakali / Muduku

Dantakali is a spiral-shaped Odia snack made with rice flour, gram flour. Different spices like sesame seeds, ajwain, hing, chili powder are used which definitely elevates its taste. It is also known as Mudki or Chakli in other parts of India. It is a crunchy and savory snack that is perfect for teatime or as a snack on the go. Instead of besan it can be made with urad dal or moong dal. With many different kinds of cereal grains, lentils and nuts, you will be surprised at the numerous Dantakali flavors available in Odisha food . Homemade dantakali is the best because it is made with fresh ingredients and can be made to your taste. You can store home-made Dantakali for a month without any change in its taste.

50. Chandrakanti Pitha

Chandrakanti Pitha is a traditional Odisha cuisine made with moong dal, sugar, and cardamom. It is a sweet pancake that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It is often served as a breakfast or evening snack. To make Chandrakanti Pitha, the moong dal and rice are first soaked in water for several hours. Then, they are ground into a fine paste. The paste is then mixed with sugar, cardamom powder, and ghee. The batter is then spread out on a greased baking pan and cooked until it is set. Once the batter is set, it is cut into desired shape and deep fried until golden brown and crispy. Chandrakanti Pitha is a delicious and easy-to-make dessert. It is perfect for any occasion.

Why should people try Odisha food?
1. Odia food is made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.
2. Food of Odisha is diverse and there is something for everyone to enjoy.
3. For seafood lovers, Odisha is a paradise. The coastline offers dishes that are fresh, flavorful, and unforgettable.
4. From Rasagola to the crispy Khaja, Odisha has an array of sweets that will satisfy your sweet tooth like never before.
5. Odisha food boasts an array of distinctive flavors, from the goodness of Dalma to the sweet indulgence of Chhena Poda.

Odisha is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, and this is reflected in its cuisine. From the seafood of the coast to the vegetables of the highlands, Odia food is always fresh and flavorful. Another great thing about Odisha food is its variety. There is something for everyone to enjoy, whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. If you are looking for a culinary experience that is both delicious and unique, then you should definitely try Odisha food. You won’t be disappointed!

I encourage everyone to try foods of Odisha at least once in their lifetime. You will be glad you did!

What Odisha dishes have you tried, and which ones have left an indelible mark on your palate? We’d love to hear your stories, recommendations, and any tips you have for fellow food enthusiasts. If you have any questions about Odisha food, please feel free to leave a comment below. I am always happy to talk about food!

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